Beginners Guide to Choose a Moving Company

image of choosing a moving company

Choosing the best moving company for your needs is a task and a half. According to the Better Business Bureau, approximately 7,000 moving companies receive complaints. The complaints range from alleged damaged or lost property, charging for un-worked hours, arriving at the destination late, and not adhering to the quote made on the agreement. To avoid any of these issues, it is important to choose your moving company carefully. This article will provide information on how to effectively choose a moving company.

Step #1: Find Referrals

While searching online or browsing through the yellow pages for a moving company can be overwhelming, it is necessary. To find the most reputable and efficient companies requires research. Of course, you can begin the search by gaining referrals from friends or family. In most cases, a friend or family member will give you the name of a good moving company. You can also gain referrals from real estate agents who may work with the company.

Step #2: Following The Rule Of Threes

When searching for professionals in any industry, it is advised that you follow the rule of threes. This means you should not settle for a first quote but ask a minimum of three companies for quotes. In the case of relocation, it is best to have the companies give an in-person estimate as no company can give you a thorough quote without seeing your belongings. This is one of the best tips about how to hire a mover for cross country relocation.

Step #3: Checking For Red Flags

Unfortunately, many movers nowadays are scam artists. Due to people relocating more often, it is quite simple to “get one over” on the client. To ensure you are working with a reputable company, it is important to consider some facts. Firstly, no reputable company will ask for a cash deposit before moving. If the mover wants a deposit and seems intent on it, there is a chance the company is not legitimate. Also, review the mover’s professionalism during the move. If they arrive late, are unsure of their abilities or cannot answer questions, it may be best to find a new moving company.

Step #4: Check The Mover Is Insured And Licensed

The United States Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration provides all moving companies with a U.S. DOT number as evidence of licensure. Before making a commitment to a company, it is advised that you check the DOT number. This helps you determine if the company is legitimate and licensed. Moreover, the DOT number is required if you choose to file a claim for compensation after the move.

Step #5: Check The Company’s Registration With The Better Business Bureau

The reputability and legitimacy of a moving company can be reviewed with the Better Business Bureau or BBB. Always use companies registered with the BBB as they tend to be more professional. Checking the BBB is simple using the internet.

Step #6: Review The Company’s Professional Accreditation

In addition to checking the company’s licensure, it is advised that you ask about professional accreditation. Approved companies will receive a membership or approval seal from trade associations. You should ask the movers for this information or search on the American Moving and Storage Association’s website.

Step #7: Verifying The Company’s Address

Business cards always include details about the company, such as the contact number, email and company address. Most people ignore this factor, but it is vital that you verify the company’s address. Always be sure that the address is registered under a company name and not a residential name. Often the residential registrations are rogue movers.

Step #8: Review The Insurance Policies

As well as being registered with the moving authorities, all moving companies should have a minimum insurance policy. The coverage from this policy ranges from company to company, so be sure to request information about the professional’s specific policy. Policies are often outlined in the company’s profile, but it is advised that you ask for written proof of insurance. This document is known as a Certificate of Insurance and confirms the moving company is reputable. You should also have the option of purchasing additional insurance from the company. This can be beneficial if you are conducting a cross country move or have many belongings.

Step #9: Confirming The Payment Terms

Before signing a contract with a moving company, it is essential that are fully aware of the terms of payment. Legitimate companies offer you different methods of payment, and it is important you deal with these details before “making a move”. Some companies require an initial deposit with the rest of the fee paid at the time of moving. The final price should be close to the estimated price unless the details of the move have changed.

Final Words On The Matter

As can be seen, there are various factors to consider when hiring a moving company. Ranging from confirmation of payment to certificates of insurance and asking for referrals, you should always be prepared.